All Star Troupe Display

All Star Troupe Display

The All-Star Troupe Display is a great opportunity for your troupe to share its theater activities with the rest of the state! We will set aside a beautiful ballroom at the Convention Center where each troupe is invited to set up a table display highlighting the things their troupe has done in the past year. You will set up your troupe display after you’ve checked in at our registration desk upon arrival at the festival, and you may remove your display when you’re ready to depart.

The All-Star Troupe Displays will be rated by a panel of judges according to their content, creativity and originality. Everyone at the State Festival will also get to see them, which will help us to share ideas, costumes, props, etc.! We will post photos of them on our website to help celebrate all the great things Florida State Junior Thespians are doing. We also encourage you to display them in your lobby at shows, in your classroom, or in the administration office at your school. Prizes will be awarded in a variety of categories! Judging will occur on Saturday during the lunch hour, and winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremony Saturday evening.

​We will provide a six-foot table. NO electricity provided or accessible (feel free to get creative with battery power, however). Your presentation can be anything that depicts your troupe's activities for the past year. All display items must fit on the table and may not be higher than five feet off the table top. We will provide security during the event, but we are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Your Display Should Include:

Troupe Scrapbook 

This could be a literal scrapbook or a photo collage. Showcase your troupe activities and events with photos, awards, special events, etc.

Community/School Service 

Include actual photos and items from service projects​. How does your troupe benefit others in your school and community?

Student Leadership

Show how your troupe creates opportunities for students to be leaders and creators.

Production & Classroom Work 

Showcase your school’s productions for the past school year and the current fall season. Include photos of rehearsals and performances. Display actual costumes, constructed props, model sets, masks, etc. Show your classes and workshops.

Display Theme 

Illustrate your “Thespian Pride” - however you interpret that! Be creative!

Help us set the standard for what we hope will become a new Florida State Junior Thespian tradition!

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