General Festival Guidelines

The Junior Thespian troupe sponsor is the faculty member appointed by the principal and recognized by the International Thespian Society as the current sponsor. 
Sponsors are asked to read this web and “The Sponsor’s Handbook” from the Educational Theatre Association very carefully. Questions should be directed first to the District Chairperson, then to the State Director. 
Please, return all forms and correspondence promptly to the State and/or District Director as appropriate.
To participate at the District or State level, a troupe MUST be in good standing and affiliated with EdTA headquarters prior to the district event. To participate at State a troupe must have participated at the District level. 
To be eligible to participate at the District level, a student must attend a Florida middle school with a Junior Thespian Troupe in good standing with ITS headquarters in Cincinnati. All students who register for the State Festival MUST have participated in their District Festival. Participation is defined as one or more of the following:
  • Performing or presenting an Individual Event 
  • Being a member of the cast or crew of a one-act 
  • Being an officially registered observer, door-keeper, time-keeper, or “helper” 
Any student wishing an exception beyond these guidelines must write the State Director PRIOR to the registration deadline. All District Chairs are responsible for verifying the participation of each student in their district. 
Sponsors are required to attend any general assembly and sponsors’ meetings at the District and/or State Festival. 
Reservations should be made by the sponsor well in advance of the trip. Plans should be confirmed in writing, even if initial reservations were made by telephone. Consider the following items when making such plans:
Housing should be in a standard hotel, motel, dormitory, or other recognized facility. 
  • Sponsors and chaperones MUST stay in the same lodging facility as the students. 
  • Attempts should be made to have all students of the same gender housed in adjacent rooms. 
  • Chaperones should be housed in separate rooms near the group of students for which they are responsible. 
An unaffiliated school is invited to observe at any level for one year. No unaffiliated school may participate in one-acts or individual events. 
  • The fee to drop a registered event is $10.00. 
  • The fee for a lost Festival badge is $10.00 and only sponsors will be permitted to purchase replacements. 
  • The fee for a Conference Pass is $40.00 If lost, the visitor must purchase a new pass. No $5.00 replacements are available for Conference passes. 
  • The fee for extra Festival Programs is $5.00 and they are only available if supply permits. 
Conference passes are available for relatives and friends of participants according to the following rules: 
  • NO ONE under the age of 10 years old will be admitted to any Festival event. 
  • Visitors between the ages of 10 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older at all times during the festival. Conference passes for those individuals must be purchased at the same time as the adult’s pass is purchased. The pass must be purchased by the adult, and will bear the name and phone number of the adult. 
  • Anyone over the age of 18 may purchase a conference pass. 
  • All Conference passes will be labeled with the District and Troupe number of the school the visitors have come to support 
  • Conference passes will admit the purchaser to all individual events, one-act play performances, workshops, and the closing/awards ceremony. 
  • Conference passes are good for both days of the Festival. 
  • Conference passes DO NOT include meals, Festival T-shirts, or programs. 
  • Conference passes will only be on sale at the event site on the day(s) of the Festival.