Large Group Musical



  1. Eight to sixteen performers may participate.

  1. The selection must be drawn from published musicals written for the theater. No original works, medleys, or screenplays are allowed. The selection may contain dialogue and all participants must be actively involved in the musical selection.

  1. All material should be presented as if within the full context of the performance of the play.

  1. The performers MUST use non-vocal musical accompaniment which can be live or recorded.

  1. No costumes may be worn.

  1. Hand props may be used if integral to the scene. Integral is defined as a hand prop that is physically used by the actor to help tell the story.

  1. Not to exceed five minutes.


Each room will be provided with sixteen sturdy, straight-backed, armless chairs, and one 4x4’ card type table, which will not support weight over 25 pounds. This will be the only permissible furniture.

If you wish to use a recorded track, we will provide a set of speakers, an auxiliary cable, and a dongle you may use to plug into your portable device. You are welcome to bring any other playback equipment you wish to use.

An 88-key piano or electric keyboard with a sustain pedal will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own if you are dissatisfied with the one provided.