Set Design



The student may choose any play from the list announced by the State Board of Directors each September on the Florida State Junior Thespian web page.


  1. The student must construct an original, three-dimensional model OR perspective rendering executed to 1/4” = 1’0” OR 1/2" = 1'0" showing the set and its relationship to the theatrical space.

  1. Computer aided design is acceptable.

  1. At least one figure (to scale) must be included in the rendering or model to show proportion and scale.

  1. If a multi-set play is chosen, only ONE scene shall be designed.

  1. The student must include a floor plan to the same scale.

  1. The set is to be designed for a stage with a proscenium opening of 38’w x 20’h. An apron with a depth of 6' may also be used. The proscenium arch and wing space must be represented in the model.

  1. The student must verbally justify the design to the adjudicators. Note cards may be used.

  1. Only one student may be involved in the design. Collaborative entries will be disqualified prior to adjudication.

  1. All artwork utilized must be original, and created by the participant.

  1. The event will not exceed ten minutes. The student presentation is not to exceed five of these ten minutes.


Each room will be provided with one 4x4’ card type table, which will not support weight over 25 pounds. This will be the only permissible furniture.


In your five-minute presentation you should be able to discuss the following:

  • Describe the play in one sentence.

  • Summarize the scene you are designing for. (What is happening?)

  • Describe the setting you've designed. (Place, period, style)

  • Explain how research may have influenced your design.

  • What requirements of the scene influenced your design? (number of characters, entrances, exits)

  • What other choices did you make? (color, decor, levels)

  • If applicable, describe how the scenery appears and how it will transition into the next scene. (You do not need to design the other scenes.)


We are looking for great samples of Superior-ranked student projects in this category that we can use on our website as examples. If you have a great project you’re willing to share, send it as a PDF to!


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