Troupe Director Guidelines

Troupe Director and Chaperone Guidelines

Troupe Directors are responsible for the conduct of their students at all times.To ensure that they are properly chaperoned, sponsors must arrange tohave one chaperone for every ten students and at least one chaperone of eachgender if the group consists of students of both genders.Choose chaperones carefully and make sure they agree to enforce andobserve Festival Conduct for Students as outlined in the Handbook.Chaperones must be at least 21 years old.


The drinking of alcoholic beverages at any time during theFestival is prohibited as is the use of illegal drugs.


Troupes are expected to abide by the curfews set by the StateBoard of Directors. Chaperones should not retire until all students have beenchecked in for the night. TheFestival curfew is 11:00 PM.


Chaperones MUST be present if students wish to visit in mixedgender groups. Mixed groups may notvisit behind closed doors. Studentsmust be in their own rooms at the designated curfew times.


Students are not permitted to bring fireworks, weapons,candles, incense, water pistols, toy guns, or other kinds of dangerous ordistracting materials to the Festival.


Persons who assume the responsibility for chaperoning a groupof students on an out-of-town trip should recognize that they have assumed a 24hour a day responsibility from the beginning to the end of the trip.Chaperones should not make personal plans unless they have the expressedconsent of the sponsor.


Chaperones should attend a meeting well in advance ofdeparture in order to review the Festival Conduct requirements.Students will not be allowed to attend the Festival unless they haveagreed, in writing, to abide by the Festival Conduct guidelines and havecompleted the permission forms required by the school to attend an out-of-townevent. Any sponsor or chaperonewitnessing inappropriate behavior by a student may take the Festival badge fromthat student and turn it in at the registration desk for disciplinary action.


Chaperones should keep an accurate check on the studentsassigned to them at all times. Studentsare expected to remain with the group at all times unless special arrangementshave been made with the sponsor in advance.


There is to be no swimming in any hotel/motel pool.


Students should arrive and return with the group unless othertraveling arrangements are made and approved by the sponsor prior to the time ofdeparture. No student will bepermitted to visit relatives or friends while on the trip without a previousarrangement between the parent/guardian and the sponsor.Travel in private cars should be avoided as much as possible.Safety First..


Troupe Directors and chaperones are expected to dress in a mannerwhich reflects positively on their school and Florida State Junior Thespians.Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.Every effort should be made to avoid tattered, revealing, or otherwiseinappropriate clothing.


Beverages, food, and gum are NOT PERMITTED AT ANY TIME in the theaters, exhibit areas, other performance areas, or lobby areas.Appropriate theater etiquette is expected of both delegates and sponsors.Inappropriate etiquette includes feet on the seats, leaving during aperformance, disruptive behavior, improper language, the wearing of hats indoors, especially in the theaters or performing spaces, talking during anyperformance, or any discourtesy to other delegates, performers, and/or theater personnel. Delegates are not onlyconsidered guests of the Festival, but also representatives of their individualschools. Delegates are expected tobehave accordingly at all times.


Festival badges must be worn by delegates at all times duringthe Festival; this includes sponsors and chaperones as well as students.If a student, chaperone, or sponsor badge is lost, the SPONSOR mustrequest a replacement badge at the registration desk and pay the replacement fee. No replacement badges will be sold to students or chaperones.