Student Contract

FloridaState Junior Thespian Festival
Student Festival Conduct Contract

The student is asked to initial each statement.

_____1. I understand that I am a guest in my motel and thatmy conduct must not infringe on the rights of the other guests. I will not create loud noise in the halls or in my room by playingradios, televisions, etc. at unreasonable levels.

_____ 2. I understand that I must respect property in thevarious motels, theaters, and restaurants in which Festival events may takeplace.

_____ 3. I understand that I am expected to wear my Festivalbadge at all times and to surrender it if I am asked to do so.

_____ 4. I promise to use the buddy system at the Festivaland not travel from event to event alone.

_____ 5. I understand that no alcohol or drug use will be tolerated. If I violate this rule, I understand that I will be sent home immediately at my own expense and that my actions will be reported to my school administration.

_____ 6. I understand that it is illegal for all middleschool students to possess or use tobacco products at a school sponsoredactivity and that this cannot be tolerated by Florida State Thespians.

_____ 7. I understand that I am a representative of my owntroupe, my school, my city, and the Festival, and that my appearance andbehavior should be appropriate for each occasion.

_____ 8. I agree to be a respectful, intelligent member ofany audience in all theater spaces during the Festival.

_____ 9. I understand that I am not permitted to swim in anyhotel or motel pool.

_____ 10. I agree to keep the windows of my hotel room closed at all times.

_____ 11. I agree to abide by the stated Festival curfews. I understand this means being in my room and not in the common areas ofthe hotel after the curfew hour. Ialso understand that I will not be able to receive deliveries after curfew.

_____ 12. I realize that it is a privilege to attend theFestival and that I will attend Festival events and participate.

_____ 13. I understand that I must maintain a 2.0 grade pointaverage (on a 4.0 scale) for the grading period preceding the festivalregistration deadline.

_____14. I understand that I will return home in the same form of transportation inwhich I arrived unless I have prior written permission from my parent/guardian.

_____15. I understand that Iam not allowed to be in a hotel room with members of the opposite sex withoutdirect supervision of my chaperone.

I have read, understood, andinitialed the above conduct contract, and I agree to follow it while attendingthe Festival. Further, I have readand understood the attached Student Guidelines. Any infraction will be dealt with accordingly, including being sent homeat my own expense.

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Parent's Signature _____________________________
Evening Phone (______)_________________________

This form is to be readily available from the sponsor during the Festival.