Student Guidelines


Studentsconsuming alcohol or illegal drugs or under the influence of alcohol or drugs atany time during the Festival will be returned home on the first violation.


Festival badges must be worn bydelegates at all times during the Festival.If a student loses his/her badge, the SPONSOR must purchase a replacementat the registration desk.


Studentsare expected to behave in a manner which reflects positively upon theirindividual schools and Florida State Junior Thespians. Students who exhibit improper and boorish behavior in public, includingrestaurants (refusing to tip servers, removing tips, etc.), elevators, hotellobbies, theaters, and workshop locations, may be subject to disciplinary actionby the State Board. Troupe Directors and chaperones have the authority to take the badgesof delegates whose behavior reflects poorly upon Florida State Junior Thespians.


Alldelegates (students and adults alike) will be required to be in their assignedhotel rooms by curfew. After curfewtime no one is to receive deliveries of any kind; no one is to leave his/herroom. 'Lights out' (quiet hours) will commence at 11:00 PM with all exteriorhotel room doors secured to ensure the safety of all delegates. Student delegates arriving after the curfew will report to theirsponsor/chaperone and be subject to censure.


Shoes and shirts must be worn atall times. Students are expected todress in a manner which reflects positively upon their school and Florida StateJunior Thespians. Tattered,revealing, or otherwise inappropriate clothing should be avoided.


Securitypersonnel are available at all times at all sites of the Festival. Illness or accidents should be reported to the student's sponsor orchaperone.


All student delegates are requiredto attend the events scheduled during the Festival (productions, workshops,individual events, etc.) Delegatesare not permitted, under any circumstances, to leave the Festival events withoutsponsor/chaperone permission.


Males (student and adult) will notbe allowed in the hotel rooms of female delegates, and females (student andadult) will not be allowed in the hotel rooms of male delegates withouta registered chaperone who is 21 years old or older.


There is to be no swimming in anyhotel/motel pool.


The host, all facilities, and theFlorida State Junior Thespians shall not accept responsibility for the theft,loss, or breakage of personal effects, monies, or valuables.


Delegatesare not allowed to remove bedding, furniture or other items from the hotelrooms. Delegates are not permittedto post room telephone numbers or phone messages on the room doors or windows.Delegates are required to keep their rooms locked. Delegates will be responsible for damage to the delegate's room or any damage caused by the delegate to ANY property. The Junior Thespian Society will bill the delegate, theparents and/or the school for any damage fees not collected at the time ofcheckout. Delegates are notpermitted to remove screens or open hotel windows from rooms or lounges. Delegates removing screens will be fined $50.00 and will be required toreplace them immediately. A secondviolation will result in dismissal from the Festival.


Students are not permitted to bringfireworks, weapons, candles, incense, water pistols, toy guns, or other kinds ofdangerous or distracting materials to the Festival.


It isillegal for all middle school students to possess or use tobacco products at aschool sponsored activity. Smokingwill NOT be tolerated by Florida State Junior Thespians.


Students will not be allowed toattend the Festival unless they have agreed, in writing, to abide by theFestival Conduct guidelines and have completed the permission forms required bythe school to attend an out-of-town event.


Beverages, food, and gum are NOTPERMITTED AT ANY TIME in the theaters, exhibit areas, other performance areas,or lobby areas. Appropriate theateretiquette is expected of both delegates and sponsors. Inappropriate etiquette includes feet on the seats,disruptive behavior, leaving during a performance, improper language, the wearing of hats indoors, especially in the theaters or performing spaces, talking during any performance, or any discourtesy to other delegates,performers, and/or theater personnel. Delegatesare not only considered guests of the Festival, but also representatives oftheir individual schools. Delegatesare expected to behave accordingly at all times.


Badges of any delegate violatingany rule may be taken by ANY sponsor or chaperone and turned in at theregistration area. Any infractionof the rules will result in a letter to the principal from the FestivalDirector, and a call to the student's parents or guardian. Repeat violations can restrict individual delegates or entiretroupes from receiving ratings and/or attending future Festivals.

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