1. One to eight performers may participate.

  1. No props or costumes.

  1. No theatrical makeup.

  1. No lip syncing or audible sounds by the performer.

  1. There are to be no lyrics or human vocal sounds in any music selection used in the performance. (This includes coughing, laughter, etc.)

  1. Not to exceed five minutes.

  1. This pantomime must be the original creation of the student(s). Recreating someone else’s work (such as a YouTube video or similar) is not allowed.


Each room will be provided with eight sturdy, straight-backed, armless chairs. This will be the only permissible furniture.

A hard surface floor may not be provided.

If you wish to use a recorded track, we will provide a set of speakers, an auxiliary cable, and a dongle you may use to plug into your portable device. You are welcome to bring any other playback equipment you wish to use.