State Registration

Florida Junior Thespian State Festival

Web Based Registration Instructions for Troupe Troupe Directors

If you are a new sponsor or this is your first time registering, please contact Johnathan Gust with your district and troupe numbers to get setup in the system. His e-mail is

If you registered previously, your e-mail address and password remain the same.

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare your information for registration. It's a great idea to have a list of all students and adults attending with their last name, first name, t-shirt size and sex. Enter the first name and last name in the appropriate areas. Remember, you must have one chaperone per every 10 students. Also have a list of all of your performance and technical events ready. Remember, restrictions apply to how many Performances and Technical events you can bring. Please make sure you know names and titles for each event. All events presented at the state festival MUST be the same as the ones that received a SUPERIOR or Excellence at your district competition. Make sure you know of any time conflicts your students may have. You will be asked note these when we register each event.
Please do not use untitled or leave titles blank. Create a name.

Step 2: Register

Access the eventweb registration website:

To enter the site, you will need to input your designated e-mail address as directed by your district chair. If this is not a valid email address, please contact or your District chair to correct the address for you. Once you are logged into the system you click on the PERSON button and add each of your students and adults on this page. You can input students and adults together. Just make sure you are clicking the correct type on each person.
After you have entered all of your chaperones and students, you are ready to begin entering your events. Click on the EVENT button. The order of event entry does not matter, you can enter whatever event you want first. Select the category for the event you wish to create and click on the names of each and every participant in an event. Press update and you will be taken to a second event screen with additional fields specific to the category selected. Fill in the title of the piece following the examples listed. Make sure to asterisk pieces with adult content by checking the pertinent boxes. Any scheduling issues or special needs that need to be addressed should be put in the note field. For example, if you have a student who MUST perform after or before a certain time, this would be the place to indicate that need. Accommodations are NOT guaranteed. We will do our best.
To upload a document for your Scene Writing events, click on the UPLOAD button. Follow the instructions to place the file you want to upload into the box. Click on the EVENT button, select your Scene Writing event and click on the list box to the right of Uploaded Scene. Select the document previously uploaded and press Update. You will see the name of your document and a VIEW button to the far right if you are successful.
After you have entered all of your event information, click on the BILLING button. Please check to make sure you have the correct number of students and chaperones registered. Check to make sure you have the correct number of entries for each category. If there is a mistake, double check the information you entered by going back to the EVENT or PERSON page. If everything is fine, click on the REGISTER button. After registering you want to press the REPORT button and print at least two copies of your invoice. Take your invoice to your bookkeeper and have a check cut for the amount on the invoice. Make sure you send a copy of the invoice and your school check for the total amount to the festival as shown to the person and address shown on the billing page.


The registration site will be locked when the registration window closes and no further changes by troupe directors will be allowed. There will be a modification window shortly after scheduling is completed where you can request changes via e-mail to update eventweb details. Your paperwork and check must be postmarked on or before the dates shown on the billing page. Check the main page of this website for additional updates and details.